February 14, 2010

Star City Doughnuts

Mike, Jodie, and I made PW's Doughnuts on Saturday.  

We made them wrong.  The dough should have rested for a whole night (not four hours) and then it rested too long and deflated before frying.  No worries though...they were still delicious!
Jodie made a raspberry and a chocolate dipping sauce.  The still warm glazed doughnuts with the sauce was too good.  


When we open our restaurant we're going going to serve glazed Star City Doughnuts as dessert.  We were imaging the different dipping possibilities.  The two we made, peanut butter, strawberry, served with vanilla ice cream, or blueberry sauce. We could even do a Star City Doughnut Hamburger!

These doughnuts are going to be made again soon! They were super a.w.e.some made incorrectly so I can't wait to make them the right way.  They'll probably be out of this world delicious!