April 10, 2010


David has been begging for biscuits for weeks. 
 Finally I broke down and made him some while he was mowing the grass this morning.  Yeah, it's April 10th and we're already mowing.  Thanks Mother Nature! 
I used Alton Brown's recipe for Southern Buttermilk Biscuts.  As usual his directions were super clear.  David said that he could taste the baking powder so I'll use a little less next time.  When I asked what else he changed he of course said, "More butter!".  I really liked them and they were only a little more difficult to make than drop biscuits. 

Because today is an almost perfecto Spring day we had an impromptu picnic on the front walkway.  We had fresh tomatoes, eggs over easy, canadian bacon, homemade biscuts, and mimosas.  Morning booze + fresh bread = awesome way to start Saturday!

After we ate I stretched out on the grass to bask in the sun.  This is what David would look like if an ant took his picture.