October 14, 2009

Quilting for the husband

This is my husband's quilt in progress.  One day we went to Joann's and spent two hours picking out fabric.  Then we placed it all on the table, looked at it, and walked out.  He couldn't find anything that he liked and couldn't "see" the quilt. 

Insert the local quilt shop to the rescue!

The ladies there (and even the customers!) helped him picked out all of this fabric while I wandered through the shop.  The difference in the LQS and the big box is astounding! I had no idea how much I would love just walking in and wandering around.  Of course, I never can resist buying just one or two pieces of fabric.

His favorite fabric is the woods (shocker!)  He is happy with all of the fabric and my sewing skills.  Not everything matches up and I'm going to have to fiddle a lot with the direction of the woods but it shouldn't be too hard. Working on a block or two a night while watching TV. 

Now I've got "1408" on and have to devote all of my attention to the first scary movie of the Halloween season!

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