January 31, 2010

Eye Spy

My baby cousin just had a baby! I finished this quilt (only 4 days late!) during Snowed in Weekend.  I am so smitten with the Moda fabric which is Love U.  David said it was too much cute and said that in 10 years we have to have a boy!
This is the bag that I made to ship the quilt in.  I put 3 pockets on it so hopefully Mama will be able to use it.

This is the whole quilt! I used the panel from Love U and one charm pack.  There is a light pink binding (which is still my least favorite part of quilting!)

On the left is the back of the quilt and the right is the front.  In all of the letter panels I free motion traced a shape.  The cupcake is by far my favorite!

I had to include a picture of these owls! Too Cute!

The back.  Orange is my favorite color so I included a lot of it.  
Hopefully she is able to use it with the baby.  It'd be really great to play "I spy" with it when she is a little older.  You can use the letters, the pictures, and the border to point things out.  It's a little big for a newborn but it'll grow with her. 

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  1. 4 days late? More like a week early, isn't it? If she jumps the gun, that doesn't mean you're late, does it?


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