January 7, 2010


Mike blogged his first blog so I thought we should update here!
We've been cooking a ton, playing video games, and quilting! 

Sorry for the poor picture quality.  The weather hasn't been quite warm enough to venture into the cold without these quilts wrapped around us!

I finished two quilts around Christmas time. 
Here is David's.  It's stressful working on a quilt for someone else! I'm glad to have it done and he loves it. 
I think next time I do a 9 patch design I'll do it off of a soduku game. That way nothing will repeat! 

  This is my Christmas Quilt. 
It's small but juuust big enough for me to cuddle under! I used the raw edge tutorial over at Cluck Cluck Sew and then worked on an overall design that I liked. Instead of quilting it I tied it. The binding on this one is almost perfect! Five quilts in and I'm getting better each time!

I'm holding off on starting a new quilt even though I'm dying to do one!

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  1. Cute! I love how you made a different version, it turned out great! Thanks for showing me and Happy New Year! -Allison


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